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The Issues

1) Improve neighborhood safety .
Suzanna will do this with State and Federal Grant Dollars designed to bring more Neighborhood oriented policing officers to district 5.

2) Keep water safe & affordable for all residents .
Suzanna will do this by championing a Tiered water rate that puts the highest consumption at a higher rate .
The current system isn’t fair to our hard working families .

3) Building Trust By Engaging more resident involvement in the City Council Process & Voting .

Suzanna will be an engaged , active and involved City Council Rep .
Suzanna has committed to 4 town hall meetings a year and being an active , engaged , informed rep for all residents of district #5 

4) Economic development across district 5.
Suzanna will do this by making sure a strategic plan is initiated .
Bringing all stake holders to the table with residents from all over district 5 having a seat  at the table and their voices heard .
Once complete Suzanna will commit to being the champion of making sure all the hard work is followed through on to improve economic development in district #5

5) Beautification of entry points & Corridors .
Suzanna will lay the groundwork for the city to take responsibility for these very important entry points in exchange for some monetization back from the state .

6) Improve the image of City Government .
Suzanna will do this by making common sense decisions for our residents and work with our public relations department to improve the resident involvement process .


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